Story Dolls

Making Story Dolls, a symbol of intuition and instinct is one way to get in touch with parts of the unconscious and with what Carl Jung termed the “Divine Child”.  The making of Story Dolls is an ancient act and some experts say that story dolls have been made for centuries.

Story Dolls helps us get in touch with the unconscious by engaging in the process of our individualized untold story which is being directed into the construction of Story Doll work.  Putting our story into our very own Story Doll supports health and development.

Story Doll work encourages the exploration of personal story making which cultivates an inner reflective space thought to affirm a growing inner authority by becoming more responsible for the recording and telling of your own experiences including associations, values and experiences.

In this individualized group process, the fairy tale, Vasalisa, the Wise is discussed as noted in the nine tasks of individuation developed by Clarissa Pinkola Estes best selling book, Women Who Run with the Wolves.

Benefits of Story Doll Work

  • Build  a personalized healing story
  • Value your life experience
  • Engage in unconscious material
  • Construct a functional and practical art experience
  • Construct a significant memory stream
  • Decipher personal symbols
  • Engage in new areas of growth and development

Eight three-hour sessions are $299.00.

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Story Doll Session

8 three-hour sessions


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