Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a human service profession. Art therapy offers a variety of specialized services for individuals, families, couples and groups. Art therapy helps explore creative resources for the attainment of individualized goals, increased health and well being. Art therapy improves quality of life.

How does art therapy work?

Art therapy provides a safe place to tackle problems using creative energy.  The energy in creativity is tapped into to build healthy skills related to well being, personal strength, developing awareness for problem solving and for conflict resolution. The creativity found in Art therapy  is a universal power shared by all human beings. Art therapy  taps into an individual’s creativity. Art therapy promotes ongoing health and personal development. Art therapy works to construct a more meaningful life.

Art therapy utilizes traditional talk therapy and various types of non-verbal artistic expression. In art therapy sessions individuals are encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials like acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolors, clay, oil pastels, collage, paper and pencils. Art therapy offers many kinds of interventions. Art therapy method vary from session to session. Art Therapy interventions are based on the needs of the client. Art therapy interventions may be a single type of process or any combination of processes: sculpting, painting, photo-therapy, printmaking, journal writing, collage or personal ritual. In some art therapy sessions art objects are brought into the session for reflection and contemplation.

What can I expect in an Art Therapy session?

During the initial art therapy interview, which usually lasts two hours, the individual, family, or couple will present their concerns, while reviewing their history. The client will be asked to identity areas where help is wanted or needed. Then therapy goals will be explored and a plan of care will be developed on paper.  Together, the client and art therapist will implement a focused plan during the course of the art therapy work. Depending on the specifics, the client will be encouraged to attend regular sessions until the primary issue or issues are resolved. Sometimes this may be one or two sessions, or sometimes it can be longer.

Examples of Goals

  • claiming personal authority and personal power
  • reducing and resolving traumatic experiences
  • developing the authentic self
  • learning to live in harmony with your inner values
  • exploring and discovering unconscious materials through dream work
  • honoring life transitions
  • exploring self discovery; affirming strengths
  • building and discovering strengths
  • building and practicing assertiveness skills
  • developing the self you were meant to be instead of what you were told to be
  • identifying and managing anger through conflict resolution
  • clarifying values and personal goals
  • eliciting emotional expression
  • discovering artistic skills
  • practicing these skills
  • learning to be free of negative pressure

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