Endorsements and Testimonials

  • Advanced Integrative Therapy

“AIT was introduced to me by a trusted colleague. I was skeptical at first and then I realized how powerful it was as a therapy process. After 9 months of AIT work, I was able to quit my job, a job I hated and I was relieved from a lifetime of emotional turmoil. I am now working from home and have a new vision for myself. I am no longer miserable. I can breathe again. Thank you–AIT! Thank you Robin. This journey has been amazing.”  R.G.P., Baton Rouge, LA

“After moving home, I felt lost again like a child. I had lived away from home for years and when I moved back home, I was overwhelmed with what seemed like everyone’s demands. I became stunned with anxiety and depression. My work suffered and it was so hard for me to concentrate. My wife wanted to help me, but she didn’t know what to do. I got a referral from my internal medicine doctor to try something new. And I did. My life has taken a leap forward and I am back to a healthier new normal. I am alive again. I am no longer chained to my childhood.”  G.M.M., NO, LA

“After our son was in a car crash that kept him in the hospital for weeks and weeks, he was never the same. He went from being a loving son to a nervous wreck. He could not sleep, he lost weight and began drinking again. At his request for help, we paid for his AIT therapy and after 6 weeks he was able to sleep again and recovered from the nightmares. He is dating again and can even drive! Robin’s work and AIT provided the support he needed to recover.” L.P. Houma, LA